How many of you, have ever tried Meditation? May be most of the people. But there are very few people, who could sustain the daily habit of Meditation. Mostly people face difficulties while meditating, even if they really want to do this Brain exercise. Let’s know some common problems, which they face while meditation:

Zero focus on present moment.

– Mind fills with lots of thoughts at the time of meditation.

– Can’t get enough time for meditation.

In this article, I m going to share 5 things, which will definitely boost your meditation habit and make you regular at this. Practice these 5 things just for a month and then start to do Meditation. So without wasting any time let’s know those 5 easiest tasks:

Know Yourself Biologically

Human biology has lot to do, we human crave for sensual pleasures. Our biology is the output of our long journey of evolution and the lifestyle, we have adapted for ourselves since early years of our life. How knowing about biology, will impact on us? what else it could do? Let’s know!

Before tagging yourself male, female or even human just think yourself as any other species , explore more about how human biology works, what more it includes other than food, shelter and breeding. Humans are different from other animals, they have more complicated body and brain than other species. Don’t you think our biology is much more than, we feel. Try to track, what is different about your biology. We must have complete understanding of our bodily sensations and the reasons behind our bodily needs and desires, so that we could fulfill and eliminate the important and unimportant urges of our body. It leads us to easy and hassle free life.

know Yourself Mentally

We all are gifted with mind blowing minds. Mind minds everything, It’s so strange that it could make you happy with tears and alone with people. Mind actually makes your perspective toward life. Why people face lots of mental pain? Why people are dying of mental disorders than physical ones, these days? May be they follow their mind without understanding it! We all do this, we take emotional decisions emotionally. Can we control anger with anger? or Can we get over from bad experiences with those same emotions of resentment, guilt and grief ? The answer is no, here we need to think intelligently for getting rid of bad past and anxious future. We all should track our thoughts & feelings and the hidden reasons behind it. Instead of fighting with your mind, just understand its nature. and then it will not bother you with 70000 thoughts per day.

Bring some Gratitude in you

One of our bad habits, is criticizing life even if we have all those things, which are dreams of some people. We should not judge the life on the basis of few bad experiences. A bad event is not your entire life. Life may suck you sometimes but it also gives you opportunity. We should always value our life and those people who make it beautiful for us. The attitude of gratitude, brings a positive shift in life. It makes us more grateful and less complaining toward life, we will have more time to focus on bright side of life. When we have less complains with life we could see more opportunities in it and see life as it is. Understand that life could never be positive or negative but we could be. Enjoy Little things and be grateful.

Do everything with focus

When you brush your teeth, just think about brushing.When you are with your family, just think about family. When you are having dinner, just thing about that dinner and when you are working, just think about work but the true is, we all are guilty of not doing this. If we can’t focus on small tasks, so how can we expect our brain to meditate. The best way to learn focus, is to focus completely in all big and small tasks, it creates a focus habit in brain. So the next time, when you go for brushing, don’t think about your work, crush, social media, fights and all, just think that you are brushing.

Mindfulness or Unbiased Thinking

If you are dealing with stress or anxiety, you really need to do mindfulness practice. In mindfulness we don’t judge our thoughts and stop giving them unnecessary responses. The very first problem, which we face in meditation, is the storm of negative thoughts. When you start thinking unbiasedly, you can’t be distracted by your thoughts in meditation practice and in your daily life as well. Most of your thoughts & worries are meaningless and waste your time, that’s why it is important to think intelligently.